For your garage, hobby room, laundry room, SLIDE-LOK cabinetry may fit your storage needs with the quality and functionality of modular cabinets. With a durable finish and attractive contemporary design, SLIDE-LOK modular cabinets use concealed hinges and a host of options to give your garage or storage cabinets an elegant appearance. Not only attractive, SLIDE-LOK modular cabinets are functional too. Designed to mount off the floor, SLIDE-LOK modular cabinets make sweeping or washing down the garage floor much easier.

SLIDE-LOK modular cabinets are made from plywood, not press board or particle board like alternatives from your home improvement centers. Our expanded weight capacity is 100 pounds per shelf, so they won't bow under heavy loads. SLIDE-LOK modular cabinets come in both 16 and 24 inch depths, are completely enclosed and finished both inside and out. SLIDE-LOK are proudly made in America.  SLIDE-LOK modular storage cabinets feature a patented Dovetail assembly system and a lifetime guarantee on workmanship.

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